June 9, 2009

My first figma is…Haruhi!

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I got here in recently and I won her though a contest on otakumitsukai that I was entered in by buying Witch Hunter Robin: Complete Collection (anime). They now currently have a new contest going where you are entered into a contest to win the L Change the World dvd + Death Note wall scroll of your choice if you spend at least $10 there.

Here’s one of my latest Manga hauls.

My last two recently completed anime was Clannad After Story and Kannagi.

I have to say that Kannagi was one of favorite slice-of-life comedy/romance short anime that I’ve seen. While Clannad After Story is now one of my favorite drama romances.

Throughout most of the Clannad series till around half way through the sequel, I disliked Nagisa for the most part but she ended up growing on me after that segment of the series and I have to give the anime a lot of credit for doing that. It did hit me emotiionally as well at certain critical moments.

Sure hope I get a job soon since I need to start saving up money for my Occtober anime convention-Tsubasacon!


November 14, 2008

Anime still wins ;P

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I went to Tsubasacon(my first anime con! in September!) Since my last update I have bought:


Fate/stay night box set

Shakugan no Shana box set

Bleach movie: Memories of Nobody

The Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan box set

The Slayers box set

Shuffle! v. 4-6 + art box.

The Familiar of Zero aka Zero no Tsukaima(backordered)

Aria The Animation box set


Fate/stay night v.1

Inukami v.1 (coming)

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya v.1

Light Novels:

Full Metal Panic v.1, 2 and 3

Ballad of a Shinigami v.1 and 2

As far as college goes I’m hanging on and finals weeks is upcoming starting Monday.

If you’d like to see pictures of my room, anime, etc. visit http://s70.photobucket.com/albums/i82/AnimeFanChris/My%20Room/

August 30, 2008

College begins again on Sept. 8th

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College classes begin for me at Ohio University Southern and I also get work-study there as well. The work-study will allow me to work 7 hours a week and I took 17 hours worth of classes this quarter and they are:

1. RADIO PROD-DIRECT – 4 credit hours
2. INTRO TO MULTIMEDIA – 4 credit hours
3. EM WORKSHOP-MULTIMEDIA – 4 credit hours
4. PRECISION LANGUAGE – 4 credit hours
5. BUSINESS OF MEDIA – 1 credit hour

I have 2 classes on Monday-Thursday and 1 50 minute class on Friday.

June 14, 2008

Marathoned Fate/Stay Night anime.

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I watched it before but this time I marathoned it with my friend and I have to say I had a huge blast doing it. It has raised my desire a ton to replay through the first path and then the 2nd path of the Fate game on PC that I have. In fact that’s what I’m going to go do right now.

June 13, 2008

Rightstuf and Anime Castle FTW.

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Yeah, I ordered some things from them today.

– Shakugan no Shana G.N. 3

– Tsukihime Anime Dvd volumes 1-3

The total was around $25.

They probably won’t arrive till next week sometime.

I believe I got a C in one class and a B or higher in every college class this quarter. We will be switching to semesters and that will effect students who graduate in 2011.

June 10, 2008

2012: The Year The Internet Ends

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Damn we need to do something about this. It could even come as early as 2010 and when that happens you will pay-per-use for every site you visit that is not on your plan. No doubt people aren’t going to want to pay these crazy prices and non-commercial sites will get all the hits and the smaller sites, forums, blogs, mal, 4chan, etc. will get less active and flat out die. Also MMO’s will die as well if they are on a private server etc. One ISP is already doing it see for yourself TELUS.

Read the whole article for yourself that is backed up with ISP sources here. Do nothing if you want to pay for sites like you pay for channels on tv for satellite, cable, dsl etc. The internet does not need the same harsh treatment tv gets. It can’t survive the rough treatment.Internet Death

May 27, 2008

Logitech Keyboard Ordered

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I decided to order the Logitech Access Keyboard 600 from tigerdirect.com I paid $28 with shipping included. It’s better than buying a standard cheapo keyboard and I’m going to be using on my laptop through usb.



  • Multimedia Controls: Enjoy music and videos within reach with intuitive fingertip volume dial, mute, and multimedia hot keys.
  • One-Touch Access Buttons: Instantly launch your Internet search engine, email, VolP application, or on-screen calculator.
  • Enhanced Function Keys: Easily program your F-Keys to open applications, files, or folders.
  • Spill-Resistant: Protect your keyboard from accidental drips or splashes.*
  • Windows® Vista™ Ready: Get the most out of Windows® Vista™.

Comfort and Style

  • Low Profile Keys: Work in comfort with responsive keys that move quietly and feel great.
  • Adjustable Tilt: Feel good while you type.
  • Attractive Design: Complement your work space with this contemporary design accented by glossy back highlights.

May 25, 2008

Invasion of the Anime.

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First off some things I wish to tell you. I should be attending Tsubasacon this year and that should be a blast. I won’t be cosplaying or anything though. I finally got online banking setup so I can lift my paypal limits soon. I should be getting a job this summer and going to visit my relatives in Cleveland for a weekend next month. Sorry for how long it took me to update.

These items invaded me since my last update.

Megami Deluxe v.10 magazine

Shuffle! v.1, 2, and 3(not pictured)

Loveless Complete Collection

Noein Complete Collection

Appleseed Ex Machina


Hentai: A Wish for my Sister, Innocence, Taboo District and 4 anthologies.

Hand Maid May

Hand Maid May

April 3, 2008

College Probation Finally over?

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Cute Louise^^

First of all welcome to my first blog on here.^^ Well I was on probation in my university for a quarter and it looked like I was going to continue on it this quarter as well, but I was able to make-up a web review assignment that I was unable to finish in time. He allowed me to get partial credit on the assignment and this rose my grade from a C+ to a B. This is more then enough to get my overall GPA above a 2.0 so I can now get off probation with a day or two! I fell so relieved and glad because it required me to have to go extra classes, seminars, take extra testing programs etc.

Well for people who wonder about me my hobbies are anime, manga, hentai, pc erogre/visual novel games, Nintendo DS games somewhat, books, and movies. I’m in my 3rd quarter at Ohio University Southern and I’m doing much better in class then I was at the beginning. In the first quarter I failed programming and somehow managed to get a D or D+ in networking. The major factors of that was: complicated terminology, programming has too many room for errors, and I slacked off. T_T

Congratulations on surviving my first blog.

Here’s me self promoting My Anime List by linking you to my profile below.

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